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Items Provided

1 -3 Steak Knives Silverware for 4-6 people
1-3 Skillets Broom and dust pan
Variety of cooking pots Small trash can with bags
6 dinner plates and bowls Bed linens and pillows
6 plastic cups Coffee pot and filters
6 coffee cups Toilet paper

Approximately 15 charcoal BBQ grills are stationed throughout the property for guest use. Additional cookware, utensils, and kitchen items are available upon request in the office.

WE DO NOT FURNISH maid service, bath towels, wash cloths, bath mats, hand towels, dish towels, toiletries, rugs of any kind, large cook pots, barbeque grills (except at the Commodore Room), electrical equipment to charge batteries, or boat anchors. Cottages are equipped for light housekeeping only.